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    Parallel Inference Machine (PIM)

    Parallel Simulation Technology' PIM is a solution based on massive parallelism, scalable to meet the needs of the application. The PIM is available in a VME implementation for applications that demand real-time performance, or in a Windows NT implementation for applications with less stringent real-time requirements. Frame time, or scan time, is fixed by the user to accomodate the needs of the application. Each frame, inputs are read from shared memory, processing occurs, and results are written out to shared memory.

    A VME PIM system consists of a Boss module, PUP (Paracell User Processor) modules, and I/O modules. PUP, I/O, and Flash Memory can be added to meet application requirements.

    An NT-PIM requires only a PC running Windows NT. The Paracell Navigator can be resident on the same machine, or it can reside on another machine connected to the NT-PIM via TCP/IP.

    Paracell Programming Language

    The Paracell language provides all of the tools necessary for developing PIM applications. At the heart of this agent-based environment is the Paracell Navigator, a GUI based on a 3x3 matrix extending 10 levels deep. This paradigm makes it easy to decompose systems down to the agent level for implementation. The environment includes a rich toolset for code development, debugging, and for the development of SoftScope user interface displays.



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