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Parallel Simulation Technology, LLC

The senior staff of PST includes several PIM experts, formerly
with Flavors Technology, Inc.
In addition to the staff listed here, PST has a close relationship
with Sunrise Labs, Inc. to provide engineering support as needed.

Managing Partners

Bruce Pierson, Managing Partner and Chief Exective Officer
Drew Sunstein, Managing Partner and Chief Operating Officer

Consulting Technical Staff and PIM Experts

Douglas Currie, Chief of Technology
John Aylesworth, Senior Software Engineer
Duncan Smith Senior, Software Engineer
Shigeru (Yamagen) Yamamoto, Senior Software Engineer


Richard E. Morley, Founder of Flavors, PIM Inventor, PST Partner


PST Technology, Inc.
25 Constitution Drive
Bedford, NH 03110 USA
Telephone: 603-644-4500 / Fax: 603-622-9797