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  • Parallel Simulation Technology PIM and Paracell have been examined and applied in a number of simulation and control applications on a world-wide basis. Since our initial application of the products in General Motors Ft. Wayne, Indiana Truck & Bus plant, over 250 PIM platforms have been installed between the United States, Japan, and Korea. The autonomous agent-based architecture of the PIM has been the basis for a number of U.S. Government projects from the Department of Defense, DARPA, and NASA. Today, Flavors is the world-wide leader in delivering systems based on the agent architecture.

    The Applicaton Note pages contain background on some of these applications. On each Application Note page, you will find an abstract of a particular application. For additional information we invite you visit the application area of your choosing. If you have any questions about a particular applcation or wish to discuss your application, send email to or fill out the Flavors Inquiry form.



    Central JR Shinkhansen Simulator

    The Japanese Shinkansen, or "Bullet Train," is world-renowned for its' scheduling accuracy. Learn how JR applied Flavors' products to their training simulator.


    Baggage Handing Systems

    Agents can provide a robust approach to complex systems such as baggage handling at a large airport. A white paper on this approach is provided by Yaskawa Electric Corporataion.


    General Motors Paint Booth

    The forerunner of industrial agent systems, this application helped GM Truck & Bus save over $1M in materials per year while increasing yield, improving quality, and making a more environmentally friendly process.


    Manufacturing Agility Server/Dynamic Load Balancing

    Flavors' products are being applied to reassignment of operations between similar devices to prevent downtime, and to better balance the manufacturing load.


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