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    Introducing NT-PIM!

    The Ideal Platform for Simulation and Agent-based Solutions

    Parallel Simulation Technology is pleased to announce the addition of the NT-PIM to the PIM family of products. The NT-PIM is a cost-effective solution for developing simulations or for "soft" real-time applications.

    Like the VME PowerPIM, the NT-PIM is based on an architecture of massive parallelism and global memory. More importantly, NT-PIM applications are developed with the same language and tool set, Paracell and the Paracell Navigator, that is used to develop solutions targeted for the PowerPIM. Not only does this mean that developer will benefit from the productivity afforded by Paracell and Paracell Navigator, but it also means that applications are transportable between the two platforms.

    The parallel architecture of the PIM and the model employed by the Paracell Navigator make this platform an ideal tool for developing agent-based simulations and solutions. For example, as a business tool, NT-PIM can be used to perform organizational modeling, consumer behavior models, traffic behavior in workspace or civil planning, and so on. As a process or production tool, NT-PIM has the power to model factories or portions of factories for purposes of scheduling, defining resource requirement, or testing control strategies.

    The NT-PIM can reside on an NT-based platform in one of two configurations:

    - Standalone, where the NT platform runs only the PIM engine and the Windows NT 4.0 Operating System. In this configuration, the NT-PIM can be configured from 250 - 4000 processing cells.

    - Shared, where the NT platform can run other applications in addition to hosting the PIM engine. In this configuration, the NT-PIM can be configured from 125 - 2000 processing cells.

    The development environment for the NT-PIM can reside on the same platform as the NT-PIM engine, or it can reside on a separate Macintosh G3/G4 or Wintel machine connected to the NT-PIM via TCP/IP. Like the VME PowerPIM, multiple NT-PIMs can be networked together via TCP/IP as a common distributed solution.

    The NT-PIM requires an X86-based computer running WindowsNT 4.0, Service Pack 4, and 64Mb of memory. In a shared configuration, 128Mb total memory is required.


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