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    VME PowerPIM

    The Ideal Platform for Deploying Real-time Agent-based Solutions

    Parallel Simulation Technology provides the VME-based PowerPIM for deployed agent-based solutions where guaranteed real-time performance is an absolute requirement. The PowerPIM is well suited to manufacturing or process control systems including intelligent control and real-time scheduling.

    The VME PowerPIM is based on an architecture of massive parallelism and global memory. More importantly, PowerPIM applications are developed with the Paracell language and the Paracell Navigator environment. The language and environment were designed with agent architectures and parallelism in mind. As a result, applications can be developed in a fraction of the time required when coding in alternative languages. In addition, sources code required is dramatically reduced.

    The parallel architecture of the PIM and the model employed by the Paracell Navigator make this platform and ideal tool for developing agent-based solutions. For example, in a factory scheduling application a VME PIM can collect real-time data on the state of the factory floor and analyze this data with information from ERP and MES systems to dynamically evolve a production schedule.

    The VME PowerPIM is based on PowerPC 604e boards. A PowerPIM system consists of a Boss Board and any number of Paracell User Processor (PUP) Boards and I/O Processor (IOP) Boards as required by the application. The PowerPIM executes at a fixed frame rate, or scan time providing guaranteed, predictable performance. A PowerPIM can be configured from 250 - 8000 processing cells in a single VME chassis. For distributed applications, multiple VME PowerPIM chassis can be connected via TCP/IP.

    The development environment for the PowerPIM resides on a separate Macintosh G3/G4 or Wintel machine connected to the PowerPIM via TCP/IP. In other words, the development platform is on a completely separate bus from critical applications so that additional development and HMI services do not interfere with proven, running applications.

    The PowerPIM supports file I/O (.xls, etc), DeviceNET, and TCP/IP. In addition, the PowerPIM can be configured with Flash Memory modules to store a "snapshot" of the application state on each frame.


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