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Parallel Simulation Technology sells hardware and software tools for agent-based control, scheduling, and simulation systems. Our customers include major corporations involved in manufacturing, transportation, utilities, and semiconductor fabrication. These customers are using our unique tools and techniques to solve very difficult problems.

Our parallel programming language, Paracell, is used to construct these multi-agent simulation and control systems. These applications run on Parallel Simulation Technology ' Parallel Inference Machine (PIM), a VME-based massively parallel real-time platform. In combination, Paracell and the PIM result in systems that are developed more quickly with significantly less source code, running in a guaranteed, predictable, and scalable environment.

Parallel Simulation Technology has been involved in several ARPA contracts to study the application of our approach to job shop and process scheduling and simulation, materials and requirements planning, and battle management. Most recently, the company was awarded a contract from the National Institute of Standards & Technology's (NIST) Advanced Technology Program (ATP) to develop the Manufacturing Agility Server (MAS).

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